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Sharing your Netflix, Prime Video or Disney Plus password could make you a criminal

So we might all be guilty of this. Sharing the password to one or more of our streaming services. If it’s not yours you are more than likely using a family member or friends.
Because of this many streaming services have been trying different ways to minimize that happening.
Across the pond in the UK they’re taking it even further.
They are going the piracy route and making it a criminal offense.
The British government’s new guidance suggests anyone sharing passwords in the UK could be in breach of copyright law – and even face criminal charges for fraud.

Experts say although sharing your password  likely won’t land you in jail. It does give Netflix the mandate to follow through with plans to introduce account sharing surcharges in 2023.
The cost to Netflix and Chill is going up.
Source: tech radar




Women sexually abused by ICU nurse sue Colorado hospital

And stories like this verify it.
There are some women who are suing a Colorado hospital alleging that a nurse sexually assaulted them while they were unconscious in intensive care.
The lawsuit claims the hospital did not do enough to prevent the abuse.
The nurse in question has been arrested and charged with sexual assault.
Police say he would record himself sexually abusing female patients while they were unconscious or incapacitated.
On his arrest affidavit, this guy made five videos of himself abusing a patient, he whispered to the camera saying “don’t ever get rid of these videos” and “you need to keep them forever … this is your Dexter collection.
Referencing the show Dexter about a serial killer.
One of the lawyers for the women said prosecutors have told his clients that investigators recovered four terabytes of data as evidence and are still investigating how many people were assaulted.
Imagine if that was your Mother, wife, sister, or any family member.
Source:  Yahoo

Trump paid no federal income tax in his last year as president

Trump is back making headlines. But I’m sure these are the ones he doesn’t like.
The House Ways and Means Committee said it would release former President Donald Trump’s tax returns within days. They also said that the IRS failed to properly audit the former president’s taxes while he was in office.
The Joint Committee on Taxation committee released a report detailing six years’ worth of the former president’s tax returns, including his claims of massive annual losses that significantly reduced his tax burden.
According to the report Trump paid $750 in 2017 and for 2018 and 2019 paid $1.1 million in federal taxes.
In 2020 he paid $0.
Yeah, I would try to keep that on the low too.

Source: CNN / CNN