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M&Ms says it’s replacing ‘beloved spokescandies’ with Maya Rudolph

You probably have seen an M&M commercial with the different versions of the candies in them. Well don’t expect to see them anytime soon.
According to M&M they have been retired, effective immediately. So what happened to force the funny and lovable characters to get sidelined.
Cancel culture.

It seems M&M added a new purple M&M to their cast. The first in over a decade.
The different color candies did have different personalities
But the new addition was met with controversy after conservative media host Tucker Carlson started complaining that Purple appeared “plus-sized” and suggesting that the Green character was coded as a lesbian.
And so the trolling on social media started.
So M&M decided to solve the problem. They’ll just remove all the characters all together.
The new spokesperson will now me actor and comedian Maya Rudolph.
Cancel culture strikes again.
Source: Yahoo

Bethune-Cookman Football Players Petition for Ed Reed to Be Reinstated

Speaking of cancel.
Ed Reed was cancelled by Bethune-Cookman as the future head coach of their football team.
The former champion and Baltimore Raven agreed in principle to take the job. But that agreement was retracted only 25 days later.
Reed took to social media to express his frustrations about the administration and the challenges he was facing getting some of the resources and provisions he felt necessary to help these kids.
In his frustrations some may not have liked some of the language he used but his point was clear. I’m here to to help these kids with more than just football.
And it that emotion and commitment has resonated with the students.
More than 20 players signed a petition calling Reeds dismissal unjust.
Will it change anything, though, we’ll see.
Reed said on Instagram “I am NOT withdrawing my name as the Head Coach at Bethune Cookman,” and also that “The administration and the AD are forcing me out.”

Fictional characters are getting cancelled, Coaches who want the best for students are getting cancelled. But we still have not found a way to cancel mass shootings and the senseless loss of life that comes with them.
Another mass hooting has hit this country just days after 10 people were killed in California.
Both incidents have a lot of similarities though.
They both took place in California and both suspects were older Asian men with no criminal history.
The suspect in this case was a 67 year old man. He was arrested and taken into police custody without incident.
The Sheriff spoke on the tragedy saying, “It was in the afternoon, when kids were out of school,” she said. “For children to witness this is unspeakable.”
As for a motive investigators are still trying to determine that and are working with the FBI.I.
We have to figure out this gun situation quickly. This is way out of control.
That is now 3 days and 3 Mass shootings in California.
And according to CNN there have been 39 mass shootings so far in 2023
Source: CNN