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Tabitha Brown Unveils Her Latest McCormick® Seasonings, Shares Her Golden Affirmation, And Discusses How Her Healthy Meals And Positive Messages Align

Source: Jairus Williams

It’s hard not to be charmed by Internet mogul Tabitha Brown‘s pleasant aura. Her motivational Instagram talks, funny tidbits, vibrant style, and mouthwatering recipes will have you perusing her social media pages for hours. Her ethos radiates everything light, and her contagious glow isn’t flickering out any time soon.

Tabitha Brown burst on the social media scene with her golden personality, winning over millions of hearts. Since her influencer inception, the multihyphenate start has blossomed into quite the sensation as an actress, fashion guru, beauty expert, and vegan food connoisseur. Most recently, the socialite has teamed up with McCormick® to expand her partnership with the veteran food brand by adding five new salt-free, vegan seasoning products to go along with her breakout seasoning product, McCormick® and Sunshine Seasoning.

As Brown often displays on her social media pages, eating clean and concocting fun, vegan recipes are her way of life. Just days ahead of the release of Brown’s new seasonings, HelloBeautiful got the chance to catch up with the author about her recent partnership with McCormick®, her self-care regime, and her simple, yet powerful affirmation she swears by.

HelloBeautiful: Can you recall the defining moment when you fell in love with healthy cooking and eating?

Tabitha Brown: After it saved my life and after it made me feel better. It was 10 days into my 30-day vegan challenge in August of 2017. So, after being sick for over year and a half and having a headache every day for a year and seven months,10 days of cooking vegan for myself caused my headache to disappear. And honey, weeks after that the 30 days were over, but I was feeling better. So, I was like ‘You know what, I think this is going to be my life.’ And I started falling in love with every recipe after that.

HB: Did you imagine that your cooking skills and personable aura would take you this far in life?

Tabitha Brown: I never, ever imagined my cooking skills would take me anywhere other than my family’s kitchen! My personality and love for people, I could imagine it would take me far. But I never dreamt my life would be what it is, and I’m super grateful.

HB: With your busy schedule, what are some ways in which you do self-care?

Tabitha Brown: I work out, I hike, I meditate, and I do juice cleanses. I also do a detox throughout the year just to keep myself well, and I spend a lot of time with my family and do simple things. I also really love going to my son’s basketball games.

HB: What’s one golden affirmation you live by?

Tabitha Brown: I am enough.

HB: Do you feel like your healthy meals and positive messages align? If so, in what ways? 

Tabitha Brown: Yes! Because my healthy meals are me trying to be good to myself, and my positive affirmations and messages are also me trying to be good myself. Spreading love through food and spreading love through messages, it’s all in alignment. It’s all about bringing joy and light to everybody.

To learn more about Brown’s McCormick® partnership or for quick, healthy recipes using her seasonings, click here.


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