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Jill Scott’s new national anthem goes viral on July 4

Jill Scott’s powerful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is making its way across the internet once again.

The singer performed her version of the anthem at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, and the lyrics have resonated with many people who feel that the original song does not reflect the Black experience in America.

Scott’s version of the anthem begins with the line “Oh, say can you see, by the blood in the streets / That this place doesn’t smile on you, colored child.” She then goes on to sing about the contributions that Black people have made to the United States, and how they have been erased from history. The song ends with the line “This is not the land of the free but the home of the slaves.”

This is not the first time that Scott has performed her version of the anthem.

A song she actually wrote over 30 years ago at 19 year old.

The song has also caught on with other artists, such as Lauryn Hill and Common, who perform it as well.

I just hope the other side doesn’t come with the hate and lack of understanding. Cancel culture needs to just keep on scrolling on this one.

Source: The Griot

Beyoncé Cancels Pittsburgh Show on Renaissance World Tour


Talking about cancel.

Beyoncé is catching some heat for some schedule changes on her Renaissance World Tour.

Her upcoming show in Pittsburgh , PA on August 3rd, 2023 at the Acrisure Stadium is not going to happen.

The stadium broke the news informing fans that the show was cancelled and that refunds will be automatically refunded at point of purchase.

That announcement has fans in Pittsburgh upset because their date was not rescheduled like other dates in other cities who were also affected by the changes as well.  Pittsburgh was canceled all together.

Some fans are taking to social media to express their frustrations. One person even posted an image of the ticket sales for the show at the arena with a lot of seats still left to be sold and claims that’s the reason for the cancellation.

But the announcement said the changes were due to production logistics and scheduling issues.

The Bey-hive in Pittsburgh PA is buzzing and its not a happy buzz.

Source: BlackAmericaWeb


‘Peace Mobile’ brings resources to those affected by gun violence in Baltimore


The city of Baltimore is providing resources to the Brooklyn community after a recent mass shooting.

A mobile resource center called the Peace Mobile has been offering residents in Brooklyn immediate access to resources such as conflict mediation, mental health therapy, and more.

It also has fun things on board, such as board games, video games, WiFi, snacks, and even a recording studio.

City officials stated that they are tackling gun violence as a health issue, and that the Peace Mobile is a way to provide immediate resources to those who have been traumatized by the recent shooting.

The manager of neighborhood stabilization and response, said that the Peace Mobile is “an ambulance to service the community, repair it, and then leave a process behind that’s sustainable.” And it has already served about 200 people per day since Sunday.

Officials hope that engagement will prevent similar tragedies from happening.
Source: WBAL