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WaterWipes X Kelly Rowland

Source: Courtesy of WaterWipes / WaterWipes

Kelly Rowland and her adorable son Noah headed to Brooklyn this past weekend to unveil the WaterWipes Hallowclean station. With spooky season around the corner, it’s time to bring the face paint, costumes, and fun candies back to the shelves for mass consumption. This time of year shows how chaotic life can get, and WaterWipes is here to help clean up the mess.

Speaking of chocolate, Godiva Goddess, musician and fashion slayer, Kelly Rowland and her youngest son Noah joined WaterWipes at Brooklyn Bridge Park to kick off the brand’s Hallowclean station, a one stop shop to a swift clean up. At the station, a person receives a scan that highlights the parts of them that needs cleaning. The machine then dispenses WaterWipes for you to use to your discretion.

WaterWipes X Kelly Rowland

Source: Courtesy of WaterWipes / WaterWipes

Noah, who was dressed as an astronaut, joined his stylish mommy, who was dressed casually in oversized denim jeans, partnered with a white shirt, denim jacket, and fedora hat.

Kelly Rowland talks partnership with WaterWipes

In an exclusive interview with Rowland, she shares why this collaboration was a no brainer for her. That star says, “It was very organic pairing to be honest,” she shares. “I’m very familiar with the brand. It’s in my car, it’s in my baby bag, it’s in my purse. It’s everywhere, and it’s an essential. Truly a mom essential.”

WaterWipes is extremely clean, using 99% water and fruit extract to act as a natural skin conditioner. She explains that while en route to Brooklyn Bridge Park, Noah ate seaweed, that got all over his hands and face. “Seaweed is not the cleanest thing to eat, especially if I’m on the way to an event that I still wanted him to show up to looking kind of tidy,” she says. With her WaterWipes in hand, she was able to clean him up in time for the event. “WaterWipes to the rescue,” she exclaims.

Beyond cleaning spilled coffee, sticky fingers, and seaweed, WaterWipes is also good for adults. “You can take your makeup off with it, I feel like they can be used for everything.”

Rowland calls WaterWipes an essential for mothers everywhere. “Whenever life’s messes happen, WaterWipes is there to tidy it up. People always ask, ‘what’s safe?’ and I like the fact that it is the most natural that I’ve seen on the market. It makes me feel like its calm and safe for my kids,” she says.

View highlights from the event below!

Kelly’s Hallowclean stations will be out in cities nationwide.

There are 10 Hallowclean stations placed in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City on Halloween night. Each station will be equipped with free wipes that neighborhood parents, kids and ghouls alike can use to clean up sticky hands and faces so they can stay on the quest for candy longer. With flu and a potential COVID season underway, the Hallowclean stations help promote a more sanitary approach to trick or treating. Learn more about WaterWipes here.


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