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‘Shame On You!’ Robert De Niro Gives Heated Testimony at Workplace Abuse Hearing

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Robert De Niro is fighting back in a countersuit accusing him of workplace abuse. He took the stand on Tuesday and gave a heated testimony in which he shouted “shame on you” to the plaintiff.

The Goodfellas actor is being accused by his former assistant, 41-year-old Graham Chase Robinson, of workplace abuse. She is seeking $12 million and claims that she was caused emotional distress, repetitional harm, and unrecoverable trauma.

Robinson alleged that De Niro and Canal Productions had violated the New York City Human Rights Law [by directing] sexist comments at her, [assigning] her “stereotypically female job duties that were inconsistent with her job title,” and [paying] her less than male employee Dan Harvey, as reported by

During his testimony, Oscar-winning actor admitted to calling her a “f****** spoiled brat,” and “snippy,” but denies yelling at her.

“I’ve raised my voice…I don’t yell. You wanna dispute that? That’s one thing I don’t do,” De Niro said.

This long-standing case began in 2019 when De Niro filed a $6 million lawsuit against Robinson (who also served as Vice President of Production and Finance for his production company). He alleged that she binge-watched Netflix while working and misused the company’s credit card for charges such as groceries, personal meals, and airline miles.

The current workplace harassment case is Robinson’s countersuit.

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