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See What The Eclipse ‘Caused’ This L.A. Woman to Do To Her Own Kids

The Solar Eclipse took its tour earlier this week and was witnessed by millions of people. And for some folks the event was mixed with mystery, fear, spirituality, and religion.
Like this 34 year old astrologer and Mother of 2, who allegedly went on a terrifying rampage in L.A. which left her, her boyfriend, and one of her two daughters dead.

Turns out, she was an astrologer who just hours before the incidents posted a series of concerning social media posts sounding alarms about an apocalypse connected to the eclipse.
Police are still trying to put clues together but they say the woman got into a fight with her partner and things turned violent.  She allegedly stabbed him and then took off with her kids in the car.  While driving on the freeway, she threw her daughters out of the vehicle! Thankfully, her 9-year-old survived, but the infant tragically died.
Johnson kept speeding down the highway and eventually crashed her car into a tree. The LAPD is investigating whether the solo crash was an apparent suicide.
A tragic ending to a story with only one bright spot. The survival of her 9 year old daughter. Who I’m sure will forever have to deal with experiencing this.
Source: The Root / NBC News