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Sarah Jakes Roberts Guides You to Confidence in New Book, ‘Power Moves’

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Sarah Jake Roberts wants you to know that God won’t give you an assignment that He will not empower you to accomplish in her latest book, Power Moves.

In collaboration with The Power Moves Tour of keynote speaking, Jakes Roberts says her new book is to help others unleash the superpower within themselves and discover the keys to unlocking their true potential.

Sara Jakes Roberts’ Power Moves Book Is A Guide to Strength:

Power Moves came at a time that I was exploring what power looks like for me,” explains the pastor and author. “I was recognizing literally the fluidity of power, how what made me powerful in one area was different than what made me powerful in others, and I wanted to explore what the word power means.”

The novel Power Moves: Ignite Your Confidence & Become a Force is a self-help guide that delves into the pastor’s personal stories, intertwined with scripture, to ignite a spark within readers. It inspires them to live authentically, recognize their growth, find motivation for change, and explore the untapped power within themselves.

“My hope is that Power Moves will give people that permission to be authentic and to not fear whether or not their authenticity will be accepted to truly, truly recognize that even their authenticity changes,” the Woman Evolve podcaster tells Elev8. “That they won’t be loyal to a version of who they were yesterday, but they will dare to figure out what is authentic to me today and how do I introduce that into the world. That is the greatest power that any of us can make.”

Power Moves: Ignite Your Confidence & Become a Force is now available, inviting all those who are ready to embark on the journey to make their own “power moves” in life.



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