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‘Anti-sex’ beds have arrived at Paris Olympics after horny athletes admit to orgies amid competition

Why are Olympic athletes getting cardboard beds?
The 2024 Olympic Games are approaching and a lot of athletes are looking forward to competing and representing their country. But after some hot athlete confessions, It seems there is a lot of action that happens outside of the games as well.
Athletes are partying and hooking up a lot. So to deter athletes from maybe getting it on so much, the Olympic village will have what is being called the Anti-Sex Bed. The beds are smaller, twin-sized to not encourage cuddling and more. Plus, they are made with cardboard frames and are reportedly designed to collapse under too much weight.

But I’m not sure if that will stop much. According to stories from former Olympic athletes,. One said, “I got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than in the rest of my life.” Another said there was a hot tub orgy, people having sex in the open, and more.
Who knew.
Well, there is another benefit for the beds, sustainability. The mattresses and cardboard frames are 100% recyclable.
Source: NY Post