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New Bill In The Works: Wearing A Mask in North Carolina Could Become A Crime

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NC Senate approves bill making it a crime to wear a mask in public

Not too long ago, we were being asked to wear masks in public when around other people.
Well in North Carolina lawmakers want to get rid of the pandemic era law that lets people wear masks for health reasons. And they are a step closer, The North Carolina Senate approved an amended version of House Bill 237 on Wednesday evening that would prohibit the wearing of masks in public.
What’s the reason for the big switch? Apparently, some recent big protests got some lawmakers worried. They want to make sure people can’t hide their identities while, you know, protesting.

The new bill, if it becomes law, will also increase criminal penalties for those who commit crimes while wearing a mask in public. It will also create a new offense for blocking traffic, a tactic used in some recent protests.
And people who wear masks for health reasons, like those at risk of illness, are freaking out. They don’t want to become criminals just for protecting themselves.
Some organizations, like the ACLU, oppose the bill. Even the North Carolina NAACP issued a statement, calling the bill “a dangerous one that threatens the fundamental right to protest in North Carolina.”
Mask on, Mask off—a choice that could get you arrested in North Carolina soon.