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Inside 55+ days of hell for Baltimore bridge vessel’s crew members forced to stay aboard without cellphones

Imagine spending more than 55 days stranded aboard ship.
For the 21 crew members of the cargo ship involved in the fatal Baltimore bridge collapse, that is their reality. These guys (from India and Sri Lanka) haven’t set foot on land since the accident in March. 
Part of the reason is due to U.S. maritime rules, which stipulate ships must maintain a minimum staffing at all times and at any time machinery aboard is running, so crew can be available to respond if something goes wrong.

To make things even more interesting for the crew, the US visas they had allowing them to leave the boat have expired.
And during their time on board, they have helped find survivors, had their phones confiscated by FBI agents, and endured multiple controlled explosions to break apart a huge chunk of bridge stuck on the ship’s bow.
Their employer has also provided supplies and even access to mental health services for them.
The crew isn’t free to go home until they’re cleared by the authorities conducting investigations. And who knows how long that will take?
Source: NY Post