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Louisiana to become 1st state to require Ten Commandments be displayed in schools if governor signs bill

Big news coming out of Louisiana.
Lawmakers in the Pelican State might be the first in the US to require all public schools and colleges to hang up posters with the Ten Commandments.
The idea is to promote a moral code in classrooms, but it’s sparking a debate. Supporters say it’s about values, while opponents argue it pushes religion in public schools.

The bill states that the text of the Ten Commandments must be printed in classrooms on a poster no smaller than 11 inches by 14 inches and must be “the central focus” of the poster.
It’s all about teaching good values, according to the bill’s sponsor, GOP state representative Dodie Horton.  She says these are the building blocks of Louisiana’s laws.
But others aren’t buying it.  They say public schools are for everyone, regardless of religion.  The ACLU and other groups are already lining up to fight the bill in court, saying it breaks the separation of church and state.
The governor’s signature is still required for the bill to become law. And if that happens, it would be a first for any state in the United States.
Source: Fox News