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Coast Guard Academy official resigns, says she was directed to lie to Congress as part of ‘cruel’ sexual assault coverup

The year is 2024 and another shocking allegation.
Shannon Norenberg, a top official at the US Coast Guard Academy, dropped a bombshell by announcing her resignation, and more. She claims she received orders to lie to both sexual assault victims and Congress, turning her into an accomplice in a decades-long cover-up of abuse. She issued a heartfelt public apology, stating she couldn’t stay silent anymore.

“In a public statement posted online, she said, ‘The Coast Guard lied to me. I can no longer, in good conscience, be part of an organization that would betray me, victims of sexual assault, and the system I helped set up to hold perpetrators at the the academy accountable.'”
She found old records showing leaders used her to cover up Operation Fouled Anchor, a probe into sexual assault cases. In 2019, they sent her on an “apology tour,” instructing her to mislead victims about Congress’s awareness of their cases.

They also told her not to include historic assaults in the data for Congress and prohibited her from giving survivors key paperwork for mental health services and veteran’s benefits.

She also said “The whole thing was a cruel coverup at the expense of the victims, with the entire purpose being to preserve the image of the Coast Guard and avoid scandal. And the Coast Guard used me as part of their plan.”
Stay tuned as this story unfolds!
Source: CNN