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Preschool teacher is donating part of her liver to 5-year-old student

Carissa Fisher, 20, was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a post that broke her heart. One of her former preschool students, Ezra a 5 year old who has end-stage liver disease, desperately needed a liver transplant. And without hesitation, she decided to help.
After discovering her blood type matched his, she secretly began testing to see if she could be a donor. She never told Ezra’s family until she was sure.

When Ezra’s health took a turn for the worse, his adoptive mother sought a live liver donor through social media.
His former teacher stepped up. She was approved to donate and surprised Ezra and his family with the news. Bringing balloons, stuffed animals, and a sign that read, “Hey Ezra! Would you like to share my liver?”
She’ll donate 30% of her liver, which will regenerate for both her and Ezra. Their surgeries are planned for the end of July.
She hopes her story encourages others to step out of their comfort zones and help those in need. Both she and Ezra have GoFundMe pages to help cover travel and lodging expenses.
An amazing life saving act of kindness.
There are a lot of great people doing great things for others. Don’t let all the bad things that happen in the world make you cold and indifferent.