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Our Quickie Morning Convo was about who you absolutely do not want to be stranded with in a ice storm: Any of the Kardashians- especially the younger girls, Miley Cyrus- can we say overexposed and famous for what reason? Kanye West because I have really tried to work with him because of the talent  and […]

Friday’s Back in the Day Buffet w/ Kenny K Battle was all about your favorite jeans from the 80s and 90s: Bill Blast Jeans Levi’s and Gap Jeans Guess!! They came in every wash and color I always wore Jordache Jeans, then I graduated to Chic’s. Laughing at myself right now I rocked Guess Jeans […]

With Florida authorities deciding not to pursue rape charges against a FSU star quarterback because his friends witnessed consensual sex and not an attack; a lot of conversation has been going around about men protecting themselves from false charges. Our morning conversation was about this — Are we at a point where men have to get […]

The Back in the Day Buffet Battle today was all about the BATTLE of FAT — Fat Pockets or Fat Loving — Which do you prefer? LaTonya – Fat Loving because it seems as if you are happy in love, then everything else falls into place. Sheila- Fat Pockets – I am 55 the days […]

The Back in the Day Buffet Battle was all about Battle Cookie for National Cookie Day. Oreos vs. Chips Ahoy….. I can’t choose both are my favorite! Chips ahoy is the best with milk and ice cream Chips Ahoy are dry even the chewy ones…Definitely Oreo…that cream *licks lips* then dip the cookie in ice […]

A friend on facebook stated that her husband was her universe and her “best friend.” I have been seeing this a lot; so I wanted to know from you — Should your spouse/ partner be your best friend? A man’s best friend is either his home boy, a dog or a fine chick that the wife don’t […]

During the Back in the Day Buffet we had a battle between two actors that recently performed as Nelson Mandela on film — Terrance Howard and Idris Elba. Who is the better Mandela? I love me some Terrence, but gotta go with Idris on this one. He just looks more of a natural in this role. […]

Opened Tuesday’s show with this question — Should you work with your lover? Work romance  never worked for me… If it doesn’t work out it may become uncomfortable for both parties… Somebody told me not to get my meat where I get my bread lol No-I have done it and it is horrible! Yeah if […]

The Soul Train Awards had a “sing live only” policy this year. Check out what some listeners thought via facebook and twitter. Should all award shows have artists sing live only? I think they should. Singers are known for their talent. It should show at all times. No breaks. No a singer should be able […]