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Today we line dance to everything trust me its more then just the Wobble. This line dance is called Good Lovin. If you want to learn the latest line dances go to linercise.com

I remember seeing this guy Byron Allen as a comedian/TV host late at night. I was amazed to hear his story how he made himself a Billionaire. He’s got a lot to say on black wealth and then some.

According to (CNN)The late rapper Biggie Smalls may get one more chance. The rapper’s widow Faith Evans says the hologram is in development Biggie’s friend Sean Combs is staging a Bad Boy Records reunion show with some of the Label’s artist on May 20th, which would have been Biggie’s 44th birthday Remember Tupac’s Hologram?

Fantasia’s new single is No Time For It but check this acoustic version.

Mariah Carey’s pulling the plug on her birthday concert in Brussels in the wake of the terrorist attacks. For more click here

If you missed the BET Honors you missed this.

After the cancellation of Donald Trumps Rally and the aftermath of violence in Chicago Friday. I’m starting to see a pattern develop and it could be from Mr. Trumps rhetoric that his supporters are buying into against protesters.

Spring is just around the corner and Daylight Saving time is here, that’s why before you go to bed the Saturday turn your clocks ahead one hour.