As we try to stay with our New Years resolutions of health and fitness you might want to consider line dancing.  One of my favorites right now is the line dance “Platinum” created by Jerome, Ali and Nelly.  In the video its the Tri-City Hustlerz throwing down in the parking lot check it out. to learn this […]

Here is another reason why you should incorporate meditation into your life. A small study down on Transcendental Meditation found that it might help prevent heart attacks, strokes and early death.   These benefits appear to be the results of meditation’s ability to lower blood pressure, stress and anger, all of which have been linked to […]

Anthony Anderson has suffered with Type 2 Diabetes for the last 12 years. After losing his dad to disease, the 42-year-old actor decided to do something about it. The Shadow League checked in with Anderson to talk about his recent 50 pounds weight loss and what promoted him to do a lifestyle change. Here is what he […]

Lia Neal is 17. Like, really 17. This is a fact that most Americans have come to learn about her over the past two weeks.…

Fridaynight I was hanging out in Philly getten my line dance on and I ran into Leigh Williams from N.C. who showed us her dance. To learn this and other line dances click here

President Obama is fired up and ready to go.  And he’s not the only one.  Check this line dance “The Barack Twist” as they line dance for a purpose. To learn the “Barack Twist and other line dances click here

When it comes to staying healthy and aging well, there are so many things we need to consider. We have to exercise, maintain a good mental attitude, get enough sleep, engage in healthy relationships, take care of our skin and, of course, near the top of the list of factors that contribute to great health […]

In 2006, Beyonce dropped 20 pounds in two weeks after participating in the “Master Cleanse/ Lemonade Diet” for her role as Deena Jones in the screen adaptation of “Dreamgirls.” The “Master Cleanse” is a 10-day fast (including an intake of only 1,300 calories), used for detoxing and weight loss purposes. With a couple of extra […]

The latest science suggests that it’s not just the chilly, dark days of winter that make us feel (and look) so miserable, it’s our diet. Eat right, and avoid the beauty and health hazards of the season. Here, the latest strategies for: DRY, ROUGH SKIN Indoor heating and long, hot showers will warm you, but […]

Your immune system is like an internal body guard. Its job is to protect you from the danger of viruses, fungi, bacteria, infections and cancers that may try to attack and invade your body. Like any well-trained guard, your immune system remembers previous attackers and prepares for the next attack so it won’t happen again. […]