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Winter coats for under $100 can be hard to find, and when you too, they're as drab as the weather. But these 5 alternatives are fun and add some flair!

Kandi Burruss is more than one-sixth of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast. She's a store owner with a solo reality show in the works and her own iPhone app.

Just when you thought you could get some great real estate bargins, the notoriously expensive units at New York's Central Park West are holding their value. A record price was paid to buy property from the guy who owned the record.

Stocking stuffers have always been cheap(er) last-minute gifts, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun, practical and thoughtful! Here are 10 for under $15.

What would it be like if your higher awareness was running your life? I bet you’d improve your health, finance, relationships, family and career! In part one, I shared how many of us receive messages to guide us or we ignore them and regret it later. It’s truly all about trusting yourself and believing that […]

He's 6 feet 11 inches tall and at the age of 29 he's rich . He was born in Brazil and has just signed 5 year contract with the Denver Nuggets for 67 million dollars.

A 60 year old woman has been executed in Saudi Arabia. Her crime was "Sorcery".

The Sam Villa, Sleekr professional flat iron is any girls dream hair tool! The sleek sexy utensil straightens hair effortlessly and comes with custom settings to protect your tresses from damage. But just using the unique tool isn’t enough! Check out our “how to” video on properly flat ironing your hair! Tame Your Curls With […]

Holiday parties are in full effect and what better way to look stylish while holding a cocktail then with a big, bold cocktail ring? We've got 10 for under $25!

"My Fair Wedding" host David Tutero is known for planning the ultimate ceremonies for his brides-to-be. But this season, as a life coach, he aims to empower the women.