Hello, longtime Hip-Hop Wired reader and no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, we know this is a Hip-Hop music and culture website, but we also know some of our supporters like to imbibe from time to time. We’re taking an up-close look at five cocktails that are perfect for these cold, chilly winter […]

The word “healthy” is probably the last descriptor that comes to mind when you think of food delivery. However, now that our society is generally looking for healthier food options, food delivery has taken on a whole new meaning. Delivery services that specialize in healthy eating is very much a thing and depending on where […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Question: What makes designer clothes so expensive? Answer: Brand value. Companies pump millions of dollars into making sure its audience is aware that they have something for sell. This includes billboard ads, magazine ads, influencers, and a lot of other marketing techniques. So essentially, you really are paying for the […]

If it wasn’t explicitly clear from part 1 of our chat, Detroit singer La’Britney was a beautiful soul to talk to—confident, motivated, and all-around real about who she is and what she’s been through. So, for part 2 of our interview I called on LaNation’s more than capable leader to talk to the women tuning in. […]