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THE BUZZ! Why Louisiana voted not to abolish slavery. It’s complicated It’s election season and there is a lot happening across the country. In Louisiana they have rejected a measure to make an amendment to remove slavery and indenture servitude as a punishment for crime from their constitution. So first you have to understand that […]

THE BUZZ!   Amazon reportedly plans to lay off about 10,000 employees starting this week There are reports from the  The New York Times and  The Wall Street Journal of a huge layoff on the way at Amazon. News broke of Amazon planning to lay off approximately 10,000 employees beginning this week. According to the report, the cuts would […]

Ryan’s Rant   I remember the days of living by myself. The days when you lost something and it was just lost until you found it. Because you did not have other human beings running around in the same living quarters as you rummaging through things. That’s how I look at my family when they […]

THE BUZZ! 3 dead, 2 injured in University of Virginia shooting; manhunt underway for student suspect Another mass shooting. This time it’s a little closer to home. The tragic event happened last night at the University of Virginia, and left three people dead and at least two more injured. The University’s president spoke at a […]

THE BUZZ! Handgun Found Stuffed Inside Raw Chicken at Florida Airport, TSA Says Now there are some jobs that just comes with great stories like bartenders, ride share drivers. Another job that i’m sure has a lot of WTF moments is being a TSA officer at an airport. For example TSA security at a Florida […]

RYAN’S RANT   Big Money Lately there has been a lot of hoping and praying as the Powerball jackpot got up to over $2 Billion. There were a lot of conversations between family and friends about what they would do with the money if they won. Well after some technical difficulties and a delay, the […]

THE BUZZ! Maryland’s election results: Gov-elect Wes Moore, recreational weed and Baltimore City term limits Election day is over but all the results are not. There are still remaining races that are waiting to be determined. But we do know some winners in some states. Here in Maryland Wes Moore has named the new Governor […]

THE BUZZ! Lab-grown blood given to humans in world-first trial aimed at combatting rare disorders Sometimes you hear about some of the things scientists and researchers are trying to do. Like these researchers from London they have grown blood in a lab. And for the first time have transfused it into humans. The researchers say […]

 THE BUZZ! The U.S. is officially in a flu epidemic, federal health officials say. They’re preparing to deploy troops and ventilators if necessary The past couple years have been one for the record books. We had to learn how to move in a pandemic with all the covid-19 variants. Now federal health officials are saying […]

THE BUZZ! BLACK WOMAN-OWNED PLANT-BASED HAIR EXTENSIONS BRAND SET TO LAUNCH WITH $2.5M IN SEED FUNDING There is a lot of eating healthy talk going around and for good reason we need to eat healthier.  And ironically enough November is Good Nutrition month. Plant based food is something that has been getting more popular as […]