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I remember a time where it seemed like there was such a big spoken word movement everywhere. What happened to it? There were nights at various venues that showcased spoken word artists of all kinds. I mean from the political, and thought provoking stories to adult and humorous points of view, there was always a […]

THE BUZZ! George Floyd’s family may sue Kanye West for claiming death was an overdose  Kanye has been trending for his comments on drink champs. In the episode he said things like George Floyd died from Fentanyl. And that Floyd said a prayer for eight minutes. Adding that the officer found guilty for kneeling on […]

THE BUZZ! ACT test scores drop to their lowest in 30 years in dramatic pandemic slide High school students are asked to take tests such as the SAT’s and or the ACT’s to gain admission to colleges and universities. But this year’s high school class is not performing as well. There is a significant drop […]

THE BUZZ!   Beyoncé denies claim she misused ‘I’m Too Sexy’ sample Beyonce is out here facing allegations that she has used a similar sample from another song in one of her songs. You might remember the song I’m Too Sexy”. A hit song for artist  Right Said Fred’.  In the song he says I’m too […]

THE BUZZ! Students at more than 50 schools, universities stage reproductive justice protests Students at various high schools and universities across the country are staging protests and events today. They are calling it a day of student action. The movement organized by the Graduate Student Action Network is all about the fight for reproductive justice. The group […]

THE BUZZ! Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights Artificial Intelligence is becoming a bigger part of our society with the use of technology, data, and automated systems. Those tools can be used to limit our opportunities and prevent our access to critical resources or services. The White House says even though the power of American innovation holds the […]

THE BUZZ! Kanye West responds to backlash over ‘White Lives Matter’ Yeezy T-shirts Ye is no stranger to making headlines. And today he is trending for what happened at his latest fashion show in Paris. He held a runway presentation for his Yeezy collection, called “YZY SZN 9.” And there was one look that has […]

THE BUZZ! California high school cancels football season after athletes filmed staging ‘slave auction’ prank The River Valley California High School has cancelled the remainder of its football season. The decision came after a video surfaced of members of the team enacting a slave auction.  The auction seemed to show them selling their black teammates. […]

THE BUZZ! Maryland car seat law takes effect Saturday Something for parents, grandparents or anyone transporting young children. The new Maryland car seat law will take effect this Saturday. The law states that “children must be kept rear-facing until at least two years of age, unless the child meets or exceeds the height and weight […]

THE BUZZ! Why Are People Sunning Their Arseholes on TikTok? Have you heard about the Tik Tok trend that has people putting their legs up and pointing their bare butts at the sun? Its called perineum sunning, or sunning your hole and it has more and more people trying it. The trend has people getting […]