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Cardi B Talks Motherhood, New Music And Moving On After Offset’s Cheating Scandal.

I am sure when Dionne Warwick was invited to Good Morning America to sing, “This Christmas” that she thought it would be a breeze. Welp, it was something, the legendary singer forgot the words to the popular Christmas song but her recovery was nice! Watch the video below.

Matthew Knowles recently revealed that years ago when Destiny’s Child was first touring that they toured with Jagged Edge and some of the group members were trying to hit on then 16 year old girls. He claims that the men in Jagged Edge were in their 20’s trying to hook up with the underage Destiny’s […]

Steve Harvey is taking a page out of Jada Pinkett Smith’s book and is coming to facebook live! He show will debut in 2020 on the social media platform so get ready.

It had been speculation that Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris was pregnant. The speculation changed when Chris Brown marked 11.20.19 as a special date on his social media and it looked as though he was looking down at something (pic below). Many assumed that it was the official date that his son was born and […]

If you didn’t know the year belonged to LIZZO!!!! She captivated people’s hearts with her bold in your face music that held nothing back. The truth is “Truth Hurts” and she bared her soul to entertain us and it worked. She recently announced that she was given Time Magazine’s coveted title of Entertainer of the […]

It looks like there are a lot of women who feel wronged by Cuba Gooding Jr. They are coming forward and it doesn’t look goof for the once popular actor. As of now these are just allegations but we will see if he gets a fair day in court.  

Jordyn Woods Passes Lie Detector Test With Flying Colors, Proves She Did Not Have Sex With Tristan Thompson. She took the test during her appearance on the Red Table Talk. The thing is no one thought she was sleeping with Triston but people said they were flirting and kissed him at a after party. This […]

Whewwww!!! Christmas came early for about 200 employees of a Baltimore Real Estate Company. St. John Properties gave a way between $50,000 to $250,000 depending on how long they have been with the company.  

It is unclear why Nick Cannon has set his sights on Eminem again but he is coming for that man with everything that he has. He has even put out a diss record. Maybe Eminem will respond and maybe he will not but we will see.