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THE BUZZ! Lab-grown blood given to humans in world-first trial aimed at combatting rare disorders Sometimes you hear about some of the things scientists and researchers are trying to do. Like these researchers from London they have grown blood in a lab. And for the first time have transfused it into humans. The researchers say […]

 THE BUZZ! The U.S. is officially in a flu epidemic, federal health officials say. They’re preparing to deploy troops and ventilators if necessary The past couple years have been one for the record books. We had to learn how to move in a pandemic with all the covid-19 variants. Now federal health officials are saying […]

THE BUZZ! BLACK WOMAN-OWNED PLANT-BASED HAIR EXTENSIONS BRAND SET TO LAUNCH WITH $2.5M IN SEED FUNDING There is a lot of eating healthy talk going around and for good reason we need to eat healthier.  And ironically enough November is Good Nutrition month. Plant based food is something that has been getting more popular as […]

THE BUZZ! 14 people shot, 1 person hit by car during Lawndale mass shooting Halloween in Chicago Got Real Scary. One of the worse mass shootings in Chicago’s history happened last night. A drive by shooting left 14 people shot. Including three children ages 3, 11 and 13 years old, who are in critical condition. […]

THE BUZZ! Hair-straightening chemical products linked to increased uterine cancer risk in new study This is something African American and Latina women who use a lot of hair products should pay attention too. Scientists are discovering a connection between hair straightening products and cancer in women. Products like hair relaxers and pressing products have been researched […]

I remember a time where it seemed like there was such a big spoken word movement everywhere. What happened to it? There were nights at various venues that showcased spoken word artists of all kinds. I mean from the political, and thought provoking stories to adult and humorous points of view, there was always a […]

THE BUZZ! George Floyd’s family may sue Kanye West for claiming death was an overdose  Kanye has been trending for his comments on drink champs. In the episode he said things like George Floyd died from Fentanyl. And that Floyd said a prayer for eight minutes. Adding that the officer found guilty for kneeling on […]

THE BUZZ! ACT test scores drop to their lowest in 30 years in dramatic pandemic slide High school students are asked to take tests such as the SAT’s and or the ACT’s to gain admission to colleges and universities. But this year’s high school class is not performing as well. There is a significant drop […]

THE BUZZ!   Beyoncé denies claim she misused ‘I’m Too Sexy’ sample Beyonce is out here facing allegations that she has used a similar sample from another song in one of her songs. You might remember the song I’m Too Sexy”. A hit song for artist  Right Said Fred’.  In the song he says I’m too […]

THE BUZZ! Students at more than 50 schools, universities stage reproductive justice protests Students at various high schools and universities across the country are staging protests and events today. They are calling it a day of student action. The movement organized by the Graduate Student Action Network is all about the fight for reproductive justice. The group […]