How much longer do kids who have grown up with active shooter and shelter-in-place drills need to wait for real progress?

The nationwide anti-gun violence protests included a notable contingency of Black people devastated by gun violence in which white supremacy has many times been a motivating factor.

The Washington Post acknowledged that Black voters remain the most solid group in supporting the president, particularly his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, immigration and the economy.  

Ruth Whitehead Whaley, the first Black woman to earn her certification as an attorney, was honored this week in North Carolina.

You might get tempted to only focus on cookouts for Memorial Day, but don't forget about the very real Black history behind the holiday.

With conservative lawmakers and judges eroding freedom and liberty at a record pace, it's time to reckon with what it means to honor the "sacrifices" of those seen as dying for our freedom. 

During much of America's ongoing conversation about the root causes of gun violence, the makers of guns have typically escaped scrutiny.

"Black people are within their rights to resist oppression." - Dr. Betty Shabazz