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1. Are Blacks Being Left Behind As Coronavirus Tests Shortage Continues? 2. Nearly One-Third Of The World’s Population Soon To Be On Lockdown 3. Amidst the Pandemic, Businesses are Hiring 4. Stimulus Agreement Reached 5. #WomensHistoryMonth: Sheila Johnson SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to Know”

1. National Guard Deployed As Pandemic Accelerates 2. Congressional Black Caucus Stimulus Proposals 3. #WYNTKCoronavirus Diaries: Healthcare Professionals 4. Biden Is Talking With President Obama About Running Mates 5. Happy #WomensHistoryMonth: Congresswoman Karen Bass SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to Know”  

1. The Congressional Black Caucus Continues To Work For Black America 2. CDC Helps Public With Online Symptom Checker As First Senator Tests Positive For Coronavirus 3. Coronavirus Stimulus Package Stalled 4. Happy Anniversary Obamacare! 5. Happy #WomensHistoryMonth: Rihanna SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to Know”

1. California Shuts Down 2. Coronavirus Stimulus Check Questions, When and How Much? 3. The Run for the Democratic Nomination Is Officially A Two-Man Race 4. #WYNTKCoronavirus Diaries: Jawn Murray’s Coronavirus Entertainment Survival Tips 5. Happy #WomensHistoryMonth: Jennifer Bursh SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to Know”

1. Coronavirus Update: Will The Pandemic Send Jobless Claims Soaring? 2. Bernie May Be Down, But He’s Not Dropping Out 3. Miami Beach Needs to Answer To Video Of Cop Choking Black Woman 4. Misconceptions Many African Americans Have About Coronavirus 5. Happy #WomensHistoryMonth: Kim Foxx SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to Know”

1. Coronavirus Affecting Gun Sales, Nursing Homes…and Kevin Durant Got It Too 2. Coronavirus Cash To Be On Its Way 3. Did You Know Primaries Were Held Yesterday? 4. #WYNTKCoronavirus Diaries: Meet Andrea  5. Happy #WomensHistoryMonth: Erika H. James SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to Know”

Beer Company Mass Shooter Identified As A Black Employee More Than 4,000 Murders and 100 Years Later, Lynching Is Now A Federal Hate Bernie Sanders Uses Coronavirus To Push His Medicare For All Obama demands TV Stations Stop Airing ‘Despicable’ Anti-Biden Ad Yo Gotti and Jay-Z File Second Lawsuit Against The Mississippi Prison System   […]

Here’s what you need to know, Thursday, February 27, 2020. 1. Just What He Needed…Major Endorsement For Joe Biden Before South Carolina Primary 2. Don’t Panic — President Trump Holds Press Conference To Calm Americans 3. Pilot In Kobe Bryant Copter Crash Was Just 100 Feet From Clearing Clouds 4. Democrats Pander To The Black […]

The Make Or Break Debate Politics Is Local: Video Shows Police Arresting Six-Year-Old Girl Ball Of Confusion: Trump Says Coronavirus Vaccine Is Near, But He Meant Ebola Bloomberg Gal Pal Diana Taylor On Concerns Over Non-Disclosure Agreements: “Get Over It…It Was A Bro Culture” New York Inmates Using Their Time Wisely, Getting An Education SUBSCRIBE […]

1. A Heartfelt Goodbye To One Of The Greatest, On And Off The Court 2. South Carolina Represent! Tonight’s Democratic Debate Is In Charleston 3. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Sounds Alarm About Trump Bias 4. Say It Ain’t So: Most Voters Expect Trump Will Be Re-Elected 5. Trailblazing NASA Scientist and Mathematician Katherine Johnson […]