Sybil Wilkes

Here’s what you need to know, Monday, February 24, 2020. 1. Thank You, B. Smith — Lifestyle Maven Dies At Age 70 2. Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus — The Real Question Is Can He Beat Trump? 3. Will The Russians Put Donald Trump Back In The White House? 4. GOP Trickery At It Again: This […]

Here’s what you need to know, Friday, February 21, 2020. 1. Bloomberg Black Media Buys Are Paying Off 2. States With The Highest Political Engagement Among Black People 3. Playing Without A Helmet: NFL Player Stopped In Texas With Over 150lbs Of Weed In Rented Vehicle 4. The Friends in High Places Saga Continues: Trump Ally Roger Stone […]

1. Democratic Candidates Go All In 2. Say Her Name: Body Of Missing HBCU Student Anitra Gunn Found 3. Victory For Florida Felons In Their Fight Against Voter Suppression 4. Are You An Entrepreneur?: Black Entrepreneurship 2020 5. You Gon’ Learn Today: Woman Forced To Watch Roots SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to […]

1. Bloomberg Makes Debate Debut 2. With Over 1,000 Sex Abuse Suits Anticipated, The Boy Scouts Seek Bankruptcy 3. It Pays To Have Friends In High Places: Trump Commutes And Pardons His Friends 4 . “Good Times” Star, Janet Dubois Dies at 74 5. Comedian Kenan Thompson To Host White House Correspondents Dinner SUBSCRIBE to […]

Here’s what you need to know, February 18, 2020: 1. Los Angeles Snuffs Out Over 65,000 Old Pot Convictions 2. 6-Year-Old Child Involuntarily Admitted Into Mental Health Facility 3. 176-Year -Old Slave Auction Block Removed, Finally 4. Don’t Fall For The Okie Doke: Trump and Attorney General Barr Are Strong As Ever 5. A Woman’s […]

1. Black Man Gets A $600K Payday For Being Discriminated Against 2. Black Man Accused Of Double Murder Freed After 25 Years In Prison 3. Was James Brown Murdered? 4. Kaepernick Speaks: A New Book Will Answer Questions 5. The Perfect Valentine Movie SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, “What You Need to Know”

Here’s what you need to know, Thursday, January 30. 1. The FAA Has Failed The Flying Public: Kobe Bryant Helicopter Lacked Recommended Safety Device 2. FDA Tells Purell Maker To Clean Up It’s Act: Claims Hand Sanitizers Eliminate Ebola And MRSA 3. Questions And More Questions, But Are There Real Answers? 4. Are Trump Supporters […]

Here’s what you need to know, January 29. 1. Health Bulletin: Tell Your Families, Relatives And Friends 2. Roscoe Nance, Legendary Sportswriter, Alabama Native, Laid to Rest 3. Impeachment Chronicles: Trump Team Concludes Opening Arguments 4. Detroit Businessman Calls Case Against Kwame Kilpatrick “A Modern Day Lynching,” Pressing For Trump Pardon 5. Shake, Rattle and […]

Here’s what you need to know, Monday January 27, 2020. 1. Kobe Bryant Dead At 41 2. Impeachment Chronicles: Short First Day of Trump Defense; Will Resume Monday; Dems Seek Witnesses 3. Update: Texas Teen, Deandre Arnold, Withdrawn From School Over Dreadlocks Suspension 4. Coronavirus Continues To Spread 5. Grammy Highlights

Here’s what you need to know, January 24, 2020: 1. Another Possible Case of Coronavirus In Texas 2. Pet Owners Getting Emotional Over Proposal To Bump Emotional Support Animals From Planes 3. HAIR We Go Again! Texas Teen With Dreadlocks Suspended, Told No Walking At Graduation Because Of His Hair Length And The Dress Code […]