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samTHE BUZZ!   A Florida jury awarded $800,000 to an 8-year-old little black girl for an incident involving a McDonald’s Happy Meal. The incident occurred when she was four years old. She suffered 2nd degree burns when a hot chicken nugget dropped onto her lap in the car after her mother handed it to her […]

vehicleTHE BUZZ! Black Woman Still Detained In Dubai For Screaming In Public, Faces Jail Time A black woman and Social Media Influencer is not having fun in Dubai.   The authorities detained her after charging her with allegedly screaming in public. According to the young woman’s Mother, her daughter was a passenger in a friend’s rental […]

THE BUZZ!   USWNT finally reflects the country it represents with its most diverse World Cup team yet It’s almost World Cup Time and the US women’s national team is getting ready. And it looks a lot different than its ever before. It’s great to see the US women’s national team embracing diversity and inclusivity. […]

THE BUZZ! Baltimore chefs compete in seafood showdown: Battle of the Bay! Lastly, Baltimore Chef’s throw down on the latest episode of “Plate It, Baltimore!” Chefs Amy Hessel and Sean Guy competed in a seafood showdown at Northeast Market. The chefs had $200 to buy ingredients, and they had to create dishes that showcased the […]

THE BUZZ!   Rest in space: Private company to send ashes, DNA of 196 people into space forever Next, You’ve heard of the Enterprise on Star Trek. Well you can spend the rest of your days trekking the stars like those on the Enterprise mission. Simply put, you can be buried in space, deep space […]

THE BUZZ!   First, The United States experiences about 6.1 million pregnancies each year, and nearly half of them are not planned. The FDA’s recent ok has the potential to impact those numbers. Opill, a birth control tablet that exclusively utilizes the hormone progestin, will soon be accessible for over-the-counter purchase. This marks the first […]

RYAN’S RANT! Check out this video of a Parent losing his cool after finding out their child spent $45k at a gaming café. Source: Black America Web Then you understand why I’m feeling the way I am right now. If you are a parent then you know kids are expensive. Just the cost of life […]

THE BUZZ!   Burger King Thailand shocks fans with new cheeseburger: ‘Revolting’ Lastly, Are you a fan of cheeseburgers? Well get ready for Burger King’s new The Real Cheeseburger. They launched it in Thailand and it has since gone viral with people flocking to to try it out. The Real cheeseburger differs from a traditional […]

THE BUZZ! Over Half of U.S. Beaches Had ‘Potentially Unsafe’ Levels of Poop Contamination Last Year: Report Next, You might be ready for the beach this summer. But are you ready for some pathogens and unsafe levels of contamination. It might surprise you further when you learn that the contamination mentioned is fecal contamination. Yes poop. […]

THE BUZZ! Exclusive: Transgender Miss Netherlands Winner Speaks Out After Backlash First, Rikkie Valerie Kollé at 22 years old made history by becoming the first transgender woman to win Miss Universe Netherlands. She will now head to El Salvador in December to represent The Netherlands in the international contest, Miss Universe. Kollé has received death […]