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We all have that one friend who seamlessly tells lies like it’s their job. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big ground-breaking lie or a little harmless fib, some people just have a knack for over exaggerating details of stories or completely fabricating them. As common as it is, none of our friends who fit the category are in the conversation of the greatest basketball players of all time. LeBron James is though. Lol

Earlier this week, LeBron changed his profile picture on Instagram to a picture of the recently deceased Takeoff. Yesterday (November 6), the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron continued to pay homage to the Migos rapper by wearing a suit that Takeoff had previously worn to the game. During his postgame interview, LeBron was asked about his clothing selection and his relationship with Takeoff and the Migos. LeBron responded by saying that he had been listening to the group for a long time, since his first year playing for the Miami Heat (2010) specifically. He went on to give his condolences to Quavo and the whole QC family. As nice of a gesture as it was, the internet couldn’t help but to notice one small detail. The Migos first mixtape wasn’t released until 2011.

No one is perfect and people surely make mistakes. LeBron could have easily gotten his years mixed up and said the wrong one. As possible as that is, Twitter users quickly pointed out that this isn’t the first, second or third time that The King has lied for absolutely no reason. Although the lies haven’t been serious and haven’t caused any real issues, it’s still hilarious to think about.

Here’s a thread of LeBron James hilariously lying for absolutely no reason. Enjoy!

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