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If you’re looking for a healthy laugh, Twitter is always a great place to go. From viral TikTok “fight prank” challenges to emoji themed hypothetical text messages, the platform is always a good source of entertainment. Almost every week, there’s a new trend that has users in a chokehold and this week is no different.

Currently, a new hypothetical question has been raised and the reactions and responses it has gotten have been priceless. On Sunday (July 17), @hellfiresbyers tweeted “If rent in Gotham was 300 a month for a 3 bedroom would u move there?”

Although Gotham isn’t a real place and living there isn’t an actual possibility, the question itself is definitely a fun theoretical one to contemplate.

Take a second to think about the financial state of our country and how everything at the moment seems to cost more than it ever has, including rent. Who wouldn’t want to save some money? Then take a second to think about how crazy it probably would be to live in the same city as the playboy, philanthropist and vigilante Bruce Wayne. After that, take into consideration that it always seems to be dark and rainy in Gotham. Lastly, consider what would come from living in a city where villains like the The Joker, The Riddler, Bane and Poison Ivy all reside. What would your decision be? Would it be worth living in a city with a cost of living this low if you knew all the potential danger that would come with it?

This is the conundrum Twitter users faced when they responded to the now viral tweet. For the past three days, tweeters have hilariously expressed how they think it would be if they decided to live in Gotham under the proposed circumstances. Would you do it? Or would it be entirely too much for you to live in the crime infested fictional city?

While you think about your answer, enjoy a gallery of some of our favorite responses to the tough question below: 


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1. Just Trying To Get Home


2. Scared Straight Sallie Mae


3. That Girl Is Poison


4. Water The Plants!




6. I Swear It’s Legal


7. Now Who’s Gonna Fix This?


8. You Couldn’t Wait Until December?


9. Where’s The Privacy?


10. I Didn’t Know I Couldn’t Do That


11. We Got Home Insurance Here?


12. I Don’t Get Paid Enough For This


13. Now Why I Gotta Be All That?


14. This Aint Even Mine


15. Here We Go Again


16. Am I The Only One Seeing This?


17. I Was Just Going In For A Quick Second


18. She Did What?


19. Gassed Up Shorty


20. I’m Fighting For My Life Out Here