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West & Trump In The White House

Source: Consolidated News Pictures / Getty

Kanye West is dangerous. Sure, the music can be great, at times, but late last night (Oct. 8), Yeezy proudly tweeted an image of his name being written in on a Presidential ballot.

Just so we’re clear, any votes for Kanye West only help Donald Trump. The “Power” rapper doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the Presidency. He is only on a little over a dozen ballots nationwide, but the GOP will take any bit of help their cheating hearts can get.

Nevertheless, Yeezy is proud of his useful idiot status, even copping to running as a spoiler for Joe Biden. So in that regard, Kanye West is doing his best to help the racist President, who put kids in cages and just last week was unable to denounce white supremacy, back in the White House for another four years.

It goes without saying that many are extremely pissed off at Kanye West right now, including political analyst and New York Times opinion writer Charles Blow.

“This is not just a narcissist,” tweeted Blow, referencing West aforementioned tweet. “This is not just a man struggling with mental issues. This is not just an entertainer out of his depths. This is a dangerous man allowing himself to be used to hurt the rest of us. This is not a joke. Writing in Kanye just helps Trump. Pisses me off

Where is the lie? Peep more of the reactions to Yeezy’s betrayal, to many, below.

It be your own people…

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1. Who did this?

2. Jokes on jokes.

3. Message.

4. Bruh.

5. It really is voter suppression, though.