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It’s been exactly one week since the 9Mag team’s trip to Miami. Instead of coming back together, the crew came back one short with Charmaine leaving after her brothers chose Lily over her. They are now back home being down one team member is the least of Ryan’s worries.

The episode opens up with Charmaine formally of 9Mag back at her radio station gig. While reflecting on the passing of Nipsey Hussle, she realizes that life is too short for her to be worried about “petty ass drama.” She still feels some kind of way after her “brothers” chose the n-word abuser over her, and we don’t blame her one bit. ‘

Back at her old job, the crew is embracing Lily already. After begging her ass off for a booth in Ryan’s new shop, she decided that new rules and professionalism was not her cup of tea and she rather be knee deep in the drama. Van is sad to see Charmaine go, but he’s happy to have Lily back in the shop because she is a talented artist. Meanwhile in the new 9Mag, while going through his mail Ryan gets a surprise, instead of fan mail, he learns himself, the shop and Van are getting sued for a struggle cover-up tattoo the manager of old 9Mag did on a client that looked like something Donna would have done.

Van’s problems don’t stop there while learning from Ryan about the lawsuit the 9Mag owner informs his brother about another tattoo he did that landed another client in the hospital after it got infected. Ryan is not too happy cause he feels this is making him and his business look funny in the light and in his confessional states if it happens again Van will be “tattooing in a parking lot.”. Ryan also reveals that the client is on the way to talk to Van about the tattoo of his deceased brother that became infected. After a discussion, the client decides he won’t sue due to 9Mag being a black-owned business and to ease things over, Ryan agrees to do his tattoo.

In more Van news, he is also got some drama going on at home. When he wanted to surprise his daughter with the keys to a Land Rover he bought for her birthday, he finds out that his daughter has been smoking weed in the house. Of course, he is upset and decides to not give her the car due to feeling disrespected.

Shine is back on the scene after leaving due to the unprofessionalism he saw first hand. Ryan invites the tattoo artist to do some guest work in his new shop, and he is impressed with how Ryan is running things. While the 9Mag owner is happy to see Shine is back, Van and Don are not too thrilled. Shine could care less how they feel anyway, he is more focused on shooting his shot at Lily.

Last but certainly not least, Don and Ashley are doing house shopping. The couple’s agent takes them to a two-story home, and they immediately fall in love with it. BUT when Don learns the house will cost him damn near $900,000 he realizes that Ashley’s dream home is out of his price range.

Unfortunately, the agent informs Don that they were declined but was approved for a $200,000 loan. Despite the bad news, Don is more determined than ever to get his wife the home she wants.

As you can imagine, there were plenty of thoughts on this episode, especially about Van’s struggle tattoos. You can see all the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Gary Gershoff / Getty

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