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Rapper DDG’s getting roasted on social media again.

This time it’s because he’s got a little too honest in his new song seemingly about his relationship with singer and actress Halle Bailey.

Bailey made history as a Black actress when she scored the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, but DDG would undercut her achievements with snide remarks on Twitter.

In his new track aptly titled “Famous,” from his newly released album Maybe It’s Me… DDG admits his self-consciousness and jealousy of Halle getting close to her fellow actors on the red carpet.

“I been so insecure that I be thinkin’ you really be f-ckin’ n-ggas you in movies with/ But on the internet, I just be coolin’ it, but in my head, a n-gga really losin’ it/ Gotta be payin’ good ’cause you keep doin’ it, I might just tweet somethin’ just to ruin it,” he raps.

He goes on to explain that he doesn’t want to see her kissing other men in movies and makes reference to Bailey holding hands with Disney costar Jonah Hauer-King –who plays Prince Eric– at The Little Mermaid’s UK premiere.

“Filmin’ a movie now you kissing dudes/ You know I love you a lot/ I don’t give a f-ck if that sh-t for promo,” he continues. “I don’t wanna see this sh-t no more/ Why is y’all holdin’ hands in the photo? You know I’m insecure, that’s a no-no.

DDG appears to refer to Bailey as a “famous bitch” in the song, but this isn’t the first time the couple has been under scrutiny.

After the couple started dating in March 2022, his ex Rubi Rose accused Bailey of wearing her old clothes. Then, as hype grew for The Little Mermaid, DDG tweeted that he’s never seen the film before. He also caught flack during a radio interview when asked about the racism Bailey faces as a Black Ariel in The Little Mermaid, thinking that Martin Luther King, Jr. rid the world of racism.

“I didn’t know people was this racist. I didn’t know this was a thing,” he told Bootleg Kev. “I thought this sh-t was gone already, I thought that sh-t was gone! I thought Martin Luther King [Jr.] canceled that sh-t out! This sh-t is crazy, I was like ‘what the f-ck is these n-ggas talking about?’”

See how Twitter’s reacting to DDG’s song below.

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