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Ever wonder what would make a seemingly attractive person just spaz out? While we don’t have the answer (sorry), we do have a list of some of our favorite stars whose model looks don’t match their behavior. Click through the gallery to see who made the list!

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1. Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore

The ‘RHOA’ star has proven to have multiple personalities and plays the victim role a little too much for our liking. And that scepter and bullhorn? Yeah, crazy.

2. Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

He’s a serial killer. Allegedly. That’s all.

3. Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust

Anybody that releases their own sex tape and who continues to deal with the guy that “leaked” it is certified cray cray.

4. Azaelia Banks

Azaelia Banks

She’s a rapper but she’s probably known moreso for her Twitter rants against EVERYBODY.

5. Look Who’s Coming To Your Family Reunion

Look Who’s Coming To Your Family Reunion

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6. Darren Sharper

Darren Sharper

The former NFL pro is being held on charges of rape…in more than three states. So, yeah.

7. K. Michelle

K. Michelle

The ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star has more than a few screws missing. She’s even admitted it! They say the first step to recovery is admitting your issues. She fits the bill.

8. Columbus Short

Columbus Short

From assaulting a stranger in a bar, allegedly beating his wife, getting fired from ‘Scandal’ after a string of bizarre media interviews, Columbus definitely needs help…with his fine self.