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Bill Tompkins Donald Trump during the Season Finale of the Celebrity Apprentice The Celebrity Apprentice Season Finale 2009 Archive

Source: Bill Tompkins / Getty

One of the original producers of Donald Trump‘s The Apprentice reality show has written an exposé chronicling his experiences with the ex-President during his first two years working on the show, and he claims Trump was casually racist and demeaning to women—and if you listen closely, you can hear the faint sound of millions of Americans currently dying of shock and awe at this “water is still wet” revelation.

In an op-ed he wrote for Slate, producer Bill Pruitt said his non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has expired, and now he’s free to spill all the tea on Trump’s on and off-set behavior, which will expose Trump as, well, pretty much exactly the amoral cretin we already knew he was.

“By carefully misleading viewers about Trump—his wealth, his stature, his character, and his intent—the competition reality show set about an American fraud that would balloon beyond its creators’ wildest imaginations,” Pruitt wrote.

He also claimed Trump feared that if a Black contestant won on his show, his viewers wouldn’t accept it.

“Yeah… but, I mean, would America buy a n-gger winning?” Trump said, according to Pruitt. (Again, if it surprises you that the guy who once said “laziness is a trait in Blacks” was wary about a Black contestant winning on a show a lazy person wouldn’t be successful in, you just really haven’t been paying attention.)

Pruitt also essentially described Trump as The Apprentice’s Dan Schneider.

“While leering at a female camera assistant or assessing the physical attributes of a female contestant for whoever is listening, he orders a female camera operator off an elevator on which she is about to film him,” Pruitt claimed. “‘She’s too heavy,’ I hear him say. Another female camera operator, who happens to have blonde hair and blue eyes, draws from Trump comparisons to his own Ivanka Trump. ‘There’s a beautiful woman behind that camera,’ he says toward a line of 10 different operators set up in the foyer of Trump Tower one day. ‘That’s all I want to look at.’”

Besides the alleged racism and sexism, Pruitt detailed Trump’s reputation for not paying people for their work. Here’s what he claimed an architect who did work for Trump said:

“It’s bittersweet. I’m very proud of this place, but I wasn’t paid what was promised. Trump pays half upfront but he’ll stiff you for the rest once the project is completed. If I tried to sue, the legal bills would be more than what I was owed.”

Pruitt wrote that the architect said he was told by Trump, “Take what I’m offering.”

All and all, Pruit described Trump as a racist, sexist conman who doesn’t pay his tab—now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to sit down after this shocking, completely unexpected news. 

See how social media is ripping him apart below.

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