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Kanye West Reuintes With Kid Cudi At 'Vultures' Listening Event

Source: MEGA / Getty / Kanye West

It’s Yeezy season, and we’re not talking about his ugly sneakers and clothes. Kanye West is back with his latest album, Vultures, and like with his other recent album rollouts, this one is a hot a** mess just based on what went down at a recent listening event for the project.

Kanye West put on a show in a room full of enablers during his listening event for his new Ty Dolla-assisted project Vultures, which was supposed to drop on streaming platforms on Friday, December 15.

Videos from culture vulture YesJulz’s live stream of the event began hitting X, formerly Twitter timelines. One moment many folks reacted happily to was the reunion between Kid Cudi and Ye.

For those who forgot, the two friends had a huge falling out in February after West said some hurtful things about his fellow Kids See Ghosts collaborator because of his friendship with Pete Davidson, his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian’s former lover interest.

After getting the boot off the DONDA album, Ye and Cudder have made up with the “Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper appearing on West’s new project.

Kanye West Went On Another Epic Rant

West reuniting with Kid Cuid wasn’t the only thing that happened during the event. Like with any other Yeezy function, the rapper went on a wild rant where he name-dropped Jay-Z, Travis Scott, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Adolph Hitler, and Jesus.

“They want a Virgil, then, don’t let me speak at the funeral. I saw two, three, four, five white people not let me speak. Drake, I love you, I’m a get the tattoo. But any of y’all n-ggas, Trav, whoever, y’all gotta show up. Don’t tell me I’m talking crazy. Me, Pharrell, we broke down this door; we’re all in this sh-t together,”

Oh, he wasn’t done. The antisemitic side of him made an appearance, and the Chicago rapper didn’t sound remorseful about his previous comments either.

“I don’t wanna hear sh-t from any of these Jewish n-ggas saying I’m in an episode,” Ye says. “Harley Pasternak followed me to the f-cking hotel, and that n-gga killed Aaron Carter. And now they won’t clear the Backstreet Boys sample. Harley Pasternak, Pusha. Your trainer. Harley Pasternak, Jay-Z.”

But wait… there’s more.

Mr. West kept on spewing his unproven theories and stats. He claimed that he prayed with Tory Lanez and even took a dig at Nicki Minaj for not clearing her verse on New Body, preventing him from putting it on Vultures.

“The French own 80% of the banks in Africa. It’s 60 million of us in America and 60 million Jews in the world,” Ye says. “50% of our deaths are abortion. 25% of us go to prison.”

Oh, what a mess. Mr. West needs some serious help, but unfortunately, the people in his orbit just keep letting him make a fool of himself.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: MEGA / Getty

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