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Larry Elder, a conservative talk show host who is currently a candidate for the Governor of California, is on the campaign trail and a stop in Venice got a little hairy. A woman in a gorilla mask attempted to egg Elder and members of his security team were allegedly hit with a pellet gun and folks online are trying to make it seem like Elder was the victim of a hate crime.

The language from conservative-leaning media has been framing the narrow miss of the egg as some heinous attack although it doesn’t appear that under any circumstance that Elder’s life was in danger.


CBS Los Angeles explains in its reporting that the recall race to replace current governor Gavin Newsome has been ramping up with Elder making a campaign stop in Venice on Wednesday morning (September 8). Protestors gathered around Elder and it was seen in images that a woman in a gorilla mask tossed an egg that missed elder. Later, it was reported that the same protestor was throwing punches at one of Elder’s assistants.

The outlet adds that the protestor who tossed the egg rolled up on the scene on a bicycle and that another person got into a shouting match alongside the woman after being confronted by some of Elder’s staff members. Elder was taken away and tucked inside a nearby SUV and vacated the scene without injury or further incident.

Elder, who is the longtime host of his conservative talk show, The Larry Elder Show, has been a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump and has parroted a litany of political positions familiar to those who supported the former business mogul’s extreme views. The reaction to the so-called attack on Elder has been something to witness as folks on the right are attempting to spin this as being on the same level as the traitorous attack on the U.S. Capitol building by supporters of Trump.

In addition, Elder is already putting out the message that the election is stolen before votes have even been cast, an obvious attempt to play on the fears of those who believe Trump and other Republicans who lost their positions in elections are victims of voter fraud and corruption despite overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise.

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Elder was a recent guest on The Candace Owens Show and, as one can imagine, they both stuck to their guns when it comes to promoting their views without a hint of logic. During the talk with Owens, Elder said that slave owners deserved reparations without a hint of irony or a joking sneer. Coupled with his views on abortion and his criticism of the LGBTQ community, Elder would be a huge step backward if California voters place him in power, this after Elder has already stated that he will veto any bill that is, and we paraphrase,” heading in the wrong direction.”

Check out the reactions from Twitter below.

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Maybe the definition of hate crime changed?


Elder is terrified of eggs.




Seems a litte Trump-y.


These people don’t know what racism is.


Points made.





You already knew Edge-Less Can-Can was gonna go there.