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Comedian Marlon Wayans opened up about family in a recent interview, and things got deep.

The jokester is always down to share a laugh and make jokes, but on a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, Wayans opened up about learning to embrace his transgender son, Kai.

Amid Kai’s changes, Wayans realized he had to make some adjustments of his own and education himself.

“I talk about the transition, not their transition, but my transition as a parent going from ignorance and denial to complete unconditional love and acceptance,” Wayans said. “And I think there’s a lot of parents out there that need to have that message, and I know I’m dealing with it. It was a very painful situation for me.”

The conversation came up when Wayans was talking about his upcoming standup special –which will either be named Skittles or Rainbow– and his road to accepting of his child.

Skittles or Rainbow Child is about my daughter,” Marlon shared. “I have a daughter that transitioned into a son. My daughter Amai is now Kai.”

He explains that learning Kai’s preferred pronouns of they/them was initially challenging for him, though he eventually caught on because he wanted to respect their wishes.

The Wayans brother wants his kids to be their authentic selves, which starts with being comfortable in their own home before stepping out into the real world

“I want my kids to be free. I want them to be free in spirit, free in thought, free to be themselves. The more you know yourself, the more you can govern yourself, the more you live your truth, the happier your existence. So, if they can’t get that in the household with their father and their mother, how the f-ck do I send them out into the world with that kind of confidence? And I’m just so proud of them for being them.”

Wayans admits that the serious topic isn’t devoid of jokes, as he told Kai that since transitioning, they now look just like their brother.

There’s still no word on when the special will drop, but Wayans says despite the serious subject matter, it’s one of his funniest.

See how social media is reacting to Wayan’s experience with his son below.

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