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There’s no argument that celebrated actress Nia Long is always a welcomed topic of discussion. However, her rank went up a few extra points this past Memorial Day when she began trending on social media shortly after a big Game 7 win in the Eastern Conference Finals for her fiancé, Celtics head coach Ime Udoka.

However, the praise was less about his franchise’s big win for Boston and more about how lucky he is to be engaged to a baddie like the one and only Nia Long — Black America’s premiere girl-next-door of the ’90s that still proves to be a forever crush.



The “Long obsession” was reignited after the Love Jones star posted a clip on Twitter (seen above) to celebrate the Celtics’ late-night 100-96 victory, guaranteeing Boston’s 2022 NBA Finals seat against the Golden State Warriors. With a high-kick and laugh that could still light up a screen, Long’s six-second clip made her the talk of the night. With no reason other than to put some respect on her name, it seemed like everyone spent the night paying homage to all that Nia Long has given us and reminding Udoka to count his blessings.

Oh yes, and there was a whole lot of thirsting as well! Apparently Nia Long being a soon-to-be-married woman, cheering on her soon-to-be-husband that she’s been with for the past 12 years, didn’t stop many from willing to risk it all.


We’re here to officially say that we join the masses in celebrating Nia Long just because, proving that she’s still the It Black Girl-Turned-Woman of our collective dreams. Take a look below to see just some of the many out there who agree:

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1. If I’m married to Nia Long, I’m using her full government in every conversation. “Please pass the salt, Nia Long” “Nia Long, would you mind picking up the dry cleaning?”

via @92until

2. folks, Nia Long is going to the NBA finals

via @NifMuhammad

3. I say this once a year, Nia Long has been fine my entire life

via @TRios5

4. While most of us are NOT Celtics fans in any way, I’m loving how the Black community is united in the fact that Nia Long and her boo are the NBA couple we deserve.

via @dr_nickiw

5. Nia long is the main reason why we say 90s fine 😍

via @The1stGentleman

6. Imagine winning a conference title your first year on the job and then going home to Nia Long. Ime Udoka is Time’s Man of The Year.

via @JLBarrow


via @AstasiaWill

8. Celtics Head Coach done went to finals his first year coaching the team and he married to Nia Long. That brother is winning lol

via @D_1andOnly_

9. First year head coach off to the finals and Nia Long as your wife? Ime Udoka really in his prime.

via @_indusvalley

10. Nia Long is one of the prettiest ppl on earth. Been.

via @javeauriel