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Reading Festival 2022 - Day 3

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Run the Jewels’ debut album, simply titled Run the Jewels, is a groundbreaking project that brought together the talents of two talented artists, Killer Mike, and El-P. The album was released on June 26, 2013, and marked the beginning of a collaboration that would propel both artists to new heights of commercial success.

Run the Jewels quickly gained recognition for its hard-hitting and politically charged lyrics, and the chemistry between Killer Mike and El-P. The album earned widespread praise from critics and listeners alike. It showcased the duo’s skills and their ability to create a cohesive and powerful experience.


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One of the standout aspects of the album is its socially conscious and politically charged themes. Killer Mike and El-P tackle issues of racial inequality, police brutality, corruption, and socioeconomic struggles, blending their verses with thought-provoking commentary. They deliver their messages with a combination of intelligence, and raw emotion, earning them a reputation as one of the most politically charged voices in hip-hop.

Reading Festival 2022 - Day 3

Source: Simone Joyner / Getty

Brooklyn Brewery And Run The Jewels Celebrate Their Beer Collaboration 36" Chain

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Run the Jewels is a masterclass in cutting-edge production. El-P’s beats are hard-hitting, often characterized by heavy basslines and distorted synths. The production serves as the perfect backdrop for the duo’s aggressive and intense delivery, creating a sense of urgency and intensity throughout the album.

Listen to some of the album below:

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