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Listen…when Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter took to Instagram last week to demand in her challenge, #PullUpOrShutUP, for companies to reveal their Black employment numbers, she wasn’t playing.

She was there to shake the table.

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“Your favorite brands are making bold PR statements about their support for the Black community. Please ask them how many Black employees they have in their organization (HQ and satellite offices only) and how many Black people they have in leadership roles. For the next 72 hours DO NOT purchase from any brand and demand they release these figures,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.


Those 72 hours have been up and beauty brands, such as Kylie Cosmetics, Revlon, Ulta, Glossier, Sephora, Deva Curl and others are slowly beginning to be transparent about what their Black numbers are looking like.

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The #PullUpOrShutUP Challenge matters, because once again, please do not talk about Black Lives Matter on your IG page, giving us this performative allyship, when your office and leadership resembles a Trump rally.

Take a look:

Here’s How Beauty Brands Are Winning (And Losing) The #PullUpOrShutUp Challenge  was originally published on

1. L’Oreal

“According to figures self-reported in 2019, the most recent reporting year, 38% of our total workforce (which includes corporate, manufacturing, research, field sales and retail) identifies as people of color; 9% identify as black.⠀

Among our corporate (HQ) population, 37% identify as people of color; 7% identify as black.⠀

Among our executive leadership team, 24% identify as people of color; 8% identify as black.”⠀

2. Revlon

“At Revlon Inc in the USA our employees identify as follows:

27% Black

9% Hispanic

5% Asian

1% Mixed race

1% (American Indian, Pacific Islander)

57% Caucasian

Among all Directors and above, 5% are black.

We acknowledge that we are not where we need to be on diversity and representation at our company.”

3. Estee Lauder

“The percentages shared of our People of Color and Black employee base have been pulled from our HR database, representative of our employees as of May 2020 in the U.S. We understand that asking employees to check a box is an antiquated system. People identify in many ways – we recognize that and realize there may be flaws in our data given this.⁣⁣⁠”⠀

4. Beis

“As a brand we take pride in being transparent. When some of you requested for us to participate in the #pulluporshutup movement, we immediately went to our team.  Some of us struggled with categorizing ourselves, given our multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi–religious backgrounds. We strongly believe, that as an organization, our diversity of thought, brought upon by the inclusivity of different backgrounds and perspectives, creates a culture that allows us to both accept and challenge one another.”  

5. Urban Skin RX

6. The Ouai

7. Shiseido

“Updated numbers are 5% black representation in management roles and 9% representation in director level and up. Thank you for your transparency and the creation of a diversity and inclusion network.”

8. Wander Beauty

“We will proactively recruit from more diverse schools and historically black colleges & universities to increase the pool of Black talent in our hiring process.

We are implementing professional development initiatives that support anti-racism training for all employees.”

9. Sephora

“Pulled up! Data includes stores – 14% black representation across the USA and 6% in leadership including store and warehouse.”

10. Blk Opal

“Pulled up! 70% black representation across org and 100% of leadership roles. Thank you for the transparency.”

11. Tarte

“6% black representation and 5% in leadership. With clear commitment to do better. Thanks for the transparency.”

12. Glossier

“Pulled up! 9% black participation. No black representation in leadership roles VP and above. Thanks for the transparency.” 

13. Beauty Blender

14. Morphe

15. Ulta

16. elf

17. Kylie Cosmetics