dark girls

Are you over the light skin vs. dark skin conversation? Discussion is still needed cause we are still allowing this Divide & Conquor tactic to work.  More pressing things to talk about in our community Over the convo. The only people still talking about it are dark skin people that are intimidated The follow-up to […]

Oprah’s OWN will premiere “Dark Girls” documentary. The doc touches on subject that dark skin black women face such as racism, classism, colorisim & self esteem issue.  Here a brief synopsis of the film: Dark Girls is a fascinating and controversial documentary film that goes underneath the surface to explore the prejudices that dark-skinned women […]

Writer Director Bill Duke and Filmmaker Channsin Berry present an insightful documentary on inner-racism.how skin tone is preserved amongst people of color. Is the brown paper bag still a measure of completive inclusion? This film will explore the perception of beauty, self-pride and self-doubt. What some men find attractive and the basis of their preference. […]