Social justice activist Jess La Bombera, who has been described as "Afro-Latina," revealed that she is actually a white woman who's been pretending to be Black all along. 


Christian Cooper says he feels bad for "Central Park Karen."


While people don't want to abolish the police force entirely, we would like to see resources go to other programs that could help citizens with real world problems such as social workers as opposed to relying on police officers respond to domestic problems they're not equipped to handle with a gun and handcuffs. That's the basis for the calls of defunding the police.

  Central Park Karen also known as Amy Cooper has reportedly gotten her dog back just 10 days after going viral after calling 911 and lying about being threatened by a black man. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   Amy Cooper called 911 after birdwatcher Christian Cooper asked her to put her […]

Christian Cooper, the man a white woman in Central Park falsely called the cops on over Memorial Day, is asking people to stop sending her death threats. 

Life comes at you fast when you get caught being racist on video. Central Park Karen aka Amy Cooper, the woman who abused her white privilege to weaponize calling the cops on a Black on Memorial Day, has been fired from her job.


A Twitter user named Melody Cooper posted a disturbing clip of a white woman (later revealed as Amy Cooper) in New York City calling the cops on a Black man for recording her in Central Park. His alleged crime was reportedly daring to ask her to leash her dog, per city protocols—and her heinous behavior has backfired epically.


A hard head makes a soft behind and college student Tarique Peters had to learn the hard way.

While the majority of the globe continues to remain inside to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some are finding ways to still kick it at the risk of everyone else’s detriment. According to published reports, over the past weekend, a Brooklyn barbershop was busted by cops for hosting an underground party with over 50 people […]


While lots of negative aspects of American life are making comebacks in this Trumpian era (i.e. blatant racism), a few other practices from yesteryear are also once again finding their way into modern life and we ain’t mad at those. Graffiti artists are once again taking to the train yards of New York City to […]