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It’s winter, you’re paler than usual and wondering what make-up can brighten up your face. Refinery29 has narrowed down the best lip colors of the season to four that anyone can pull off.


We’d recommend a lip gloss for a sexy, dramatic look. The gloss will look healthy if you use a semi-transparent shade, rather than a traditional matte lipstick, which can make you look like you have bruised lips. The purple shade generally looks better with a paler skin tone (versus a summertime glow), but you’ll want to wear a little color on your cheeks in a medium brown or pink shade, and a nice, classic eye. It may be fun to really play up your lashes, but I’d avoid a deep, smoky eye – as that could make you look like a vampire.


You can really play upon a natural, everyday look, while still being made-up. Also, this is one of the easiest shades for all skin tones to wear, as you can find lip colors with an assortment of undertones. When wearing a nude or brown lip color, we suggest a matte or traditional lipstick rather than a gloss, as glosses can often look ‘too nude’ and weirdly shimmery. This lip is great for casual wear in warm, muted, almost nutty shades. We’d suggest a less-is-more eye, with only simple mascara and well-groomed brows. Stick with a lighter, natural eye and line your eyes with a dark shadow if you want a little oomph, but this shouldn’t compete with your look. With this shade, people are sometimes devoted to their nude or brown lip liners, and that is an acceptable way to wear the color, as long as you don’t make the lines around your lips too harsh. Fill your entire lip in with the liner and apply a lip balm over top to keep the color on and make sure you stay moisturized.


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