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 THE BUZZ! DIDDY REVEALS BIRTH OF BABY GIRL IN SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT Diddy has a lot of names, businesses, a liquor brand, and many hit songs. But he had the internet buzzing over the weekend with a new surprise announcement. Diddy is a daddy again. He has a newborn baby girl. The music mogul made the […]

5 women sue Bill Cosby, NBC over alleged sexual abuse This is not a re-run of a tv show episode. But that’s what Bill Cosby must feel like after new allegations have surfaced. Five women have dome forward and filed a lawsuit for acts of sexual abuse. Including an alleged incident in his “The Cosby […]

 THE BUZZ! California Reparations Payments Could Exceed $200K Per Person, Task Force Says There’s been a lot of talk about this country paying reparations to its African residents. We’re talking about repaying for the discrimination African Americans have to deal with while living in this country for generations. But who would be eligible? How much would […]

THE BUZZ!  911 Is A Joke: ACLU Lawsuit Claims SWAT Team Illegally Raided 77-Year-Old Black Woman’s Home Over A ‘Stolen iPhone’ When you hear stories of a SWAT Team arriving at a scene, You know it something serious, something big. But this was far from that. Ruby Johnson a 77 year old woman living in […]

Ryans’ Rant Today, I am writing about the situation that is happening on the island of Hispaniola. The land that holds the two countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Countries that share the same island separated by a border. But that is not the only thing separating these two countries and people. On one […]

THE BUZZ! Colorado LGBTQ club shooting updates: Suspect charged with hate crimes after 5 killed, dozens hurt Another mass shooting. The tragic situation has left 5 people dead and many more injured. Officials say they do have a suspect in custody, a 22 year old man, named Anderson Lee Aldrich. According to the police chief, he […]

THE BUZZ! Pelosi to address her future plans after GOP wins House Election season is in full swing. And as more results come in it was determined that the Republicans have taken control of the House by claiming a total of 218 votes. Defeating the Democrats by a very slim margin. But with GOP control it […]

THE BUZZ! Why Louisiana voted not to abolish slavery. It’s complicated It’s election season and there is a lot happening across the country. In Louisiana they have rejected a measure to make an amendment to remove slavery and indenture servitude as a punishment for crime from their constitution. So first you have to understand that […]

THE BUZZ!   Amazon reportedly plans to lay off about 10,000 employees starting this week There are reports from the  The New York Times and  The Wall Street Journal of a huge layoff on the way at Amazon. News broke of Amazon planning to lay off approximately 10,000 employees beginning this week. According to the report, the cuts would […]