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Why Louisiana voted not to abolish slavery. It’s complicated

It’s election season and there is a lot happening across the country.
In Louisiana they have rejected a measure to make an amendment to remove slavery and indenture servitude as a punishment for crime from their constitution.
So first you have to understand that the 13th amendment still to this day contains language that states even though slavery was abolished in 1865, there is an exception for crime.

So Louisiana officials wanted to update the wording to remove it from state law but then voters were told to reject the move on election day.
The state representative who initially sponsored the bill changed his mind. He said, the language was too ambiguous.
He told CNN “It’s too serious of an issue to leave up to the courts.” And “by failing to pass it, we’re no worse off on November 9 than we were on November 7,” but he said “I fully intend to bring it up again.”
President and CEO of Council for a Better Louisiana, said “We all felt like it would be better as opposed to passing it and then having to come back next year and explain to people why this amendment that everybody supported should be thrown out and corrected,”
Louisiana was not the only state with this amendment on their ballot this election. Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee and Vermont voters approved measures to update their constitutions.
One example of why voting matters.
Source: CNN

Beyoncé ties Grammy record after leading nominations with 9

Beyonce and jay Z tied the knot back in 2008. The two are also tied together for something else. Both are now tied for the most Grammy nominations with 88 each.
Beyonce heads into this year’s award show as the most nominated artists with 9 Grammy nods.
For the first time she got a nomination for the dance category.  Shes’ up for the best dance-electronic music album, best dance-electronic recording, best R&B song, R&B performance, traditional R&B performance, song written for visual media.
Beyonce has 28 Grammy wins and with four more will make history with the most awards won. The current record stands at 31 and has been held since 1997.
Another interesting fact for this year, according to the recording academy nearly half of this year’s leading nominees are women and more than half are people of color,
So this has the potential to be a very historic show. We’ll see how it turns out.
Source: AP News

On A Trip With Friends, A 25-Year-Old Woman Died In Cabo, Mexico. Her Family Seeks Answers.

One of the worse things you can experience as a a parent is to lose your child. Especially, if you are not sure how they were taken away.
That is the situation with this family from North Carolina who is right now mourning the loss of Shanquella Robinson and trying to get some answers about what really caused her death.
Shanquella at only 25 years old went to Cabo, Mexico with friends but did not return home to the U.S.
Her friends told her Mother that she had alcohol poisoning and her body was unresponsive. And that did not sit well with her Mother.
Her suspicions were confirmed when officials told the family an autopsy showed her neck was broken and her spine in the back was cracked.
Now more information is coming out as a video has surfaced that shows Shanquella and a woman fighting in a hotel room.
Her mother says they vow to continue their efforts to seek justice and the truth.
And they may be getting some more answers soon. The friend allegedly involved says they will be going live tomorrow at 3pm to tell her side of the story.
The fact that you waited this long says so much, should’ve been did that.
And who needs enemies when you have friends like that. Wow. Be careful of who is in your circle.
Source: Yahoo