About Ryan Da Lion

Born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Kingston, Jamaica and later residing in New Jersey, Ryan Da Lion is the product of a hodgepodge of culturally-inspired musical innovation. He attended Towson State University and went from college DJ to host and promoter to an experienced broadcast media professional. After graduating from the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland with a major in Radio and TV production, he began a career in broadcast media working as a board operator, production specialist, producer, mixer and on-air personality. After several stints in South Florida and New York, Ryan now finds himself back where it all started – with his Radio One family at Magic 95.9. You can hear Ryan Da Lion in The Lion’s Den which airs across the Baltimore Metropolitan region Monday-Friday from 10 AM - 3 PM. When Ryan is not on air, he returns to his Caribbean roots, planning and managing events for Caribbean communities up and down the eastern seaboard, including serving as the Event Manager for Jamaican Jerk Festival, the largest Caribbean food festival in the United States, occurring annually in both Washington, D.C. and New York. With the little spare time he has remaining, Ryan focuses on building out his foundation – R.O.A.R (REACH OUT AND RELATE) which focuses on social awareness issues that affect young African-American and Caribbean-American children, including literacy, hunger, entrepreneurship, and securing a path to higher education.

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