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Pelosi to address her future plans after GOP wins House

Election season is in full swing. And as more results come in it was determined that the Republicans have taken control of the House by claiming a total of 218 votes.
Defeating the Democrats by a very slim margin.
But with GOP control it is sure to set the stage for some interesting politics coming up.
The House flipping control does have many effects, one being the Speaker of The House situation.
Current House Speaker and the first woman to hold the gavel, Nancy Pelosi, released a statement saying, “In the next Congress, House Democrats will continue to play a leading role in supporting President Biden’s agenda — with strong leverage over a scant Republican majority.”

She announced her future plans during a speech today on the House floor saying that she would not be seeking reelection to leadership.
Source: CNN / AP News


Darrell Brooks receives 6 consecutive life sentences plus more than 700 additional years in prison for Waukesha Christmas parade attack

If you remember the tragic story of the man who drove his vehicle into a crowd killing six people and wounded many more. His name is Darrell Brooks. A jury found him guilty on 76 charges.
Recently at his sentencing hearing, the judge did not show any leniency.
Darrel Brooks was sentenced to serve a life sentence without the possibility of extended supervision for each of the first-degree homicide counts. And those sentences will run consecutively,
That’s six consecutive life sentences.
He was also sentenced to serve 17½ years for each of the 61 counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety with the use of a dangerous weapon. That’s well over one thousand years.
The Judge told Brooks, “You have absolutely no remorse for anything that you do. You have no empathy for anyone,” and added, “Frankly, Mr. Brooks, no one is safe from you.”
As for the case of possible mental illness the judge said,“Do the mentally ill sometimes commit atrocious crimes? They do. This is not one of those situations,” Dorow said. “There are many times, many times, good people do bad things, but there are times when evil people do bad things.

“There is no medication or treatment for a heart that is bent on evil.”

Source: CNN

FBI director says TikTok poses national security threat, and he’s ‘extremely concerned’

Tik Tok is growing more and more popular and hosts users of all ages. And averages about 1 billion users per month.
The social media platform has become a great tool for entertainment, information, and even has become very lucrative opportunity for many people.
just ask Khaby Lama who has over 150 Million followers and is now a multi millionaire with a net worth of about $12 million.
But for as much fun and lucrative Tik Tok can be, can it also be a threat to national security.
The FBI director feels so and he’s concerned. Telling Congress Beijing could weaponize data collected through TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.
Also, the Chinese government could harness the video-sharing app to influence millions of American users or control their devices.
Source: USA Today / NY Post