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Ryans’ Rant

Today, I am writing about the situation that is happening on the island of Hispaniola.

The land that holds the two countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Countries that share the same island separated by a border.

But that is not the only thing separating these two countries and people. On one hand, Haiti is a country rich in history and resources. Known as the first country and people to successfully orchestrate a revolution against it’s slave masters back in 1804.

Since then Haiti and its people have dealt with catastrophe, poverty, and government unrest.

Haiti, labeled as the poorest country in the Western hemisphere still has enough  resources in the country for companies to find value. Enough value to purchase land to host their cruse lines for vacationers.

Meanwhile, across the border in the Dominican Republic things are much different. And there are many Haitians who travel across the border in to DR for better economic opportunities.

Not to mention families that after some time start to live and raise their families on that side of the border. There are kids who are born from Haitian parents but have never been or lived in Haiti and speak Spanish and not french or Creole, which is native to Haitians.

The problem is that there are many in the Dominican Republic that do not like Haitians being on their side of the island and over the years they’re have been brutal tragedies with the killing of Haitians. Sometimes in the most despicable and inhumane ways.

Unfortunately, these atrocities are still happening between these two people that share so much history besides the land they reside on.

Recently, CNN published an Exclusive story about some of the things going on now. Exclusive: Dominican Republic expelled hundreds of children to Haiti without their families this year.

A spokesperson told CNN, since the beginning of the year, the United Nations Children’s Agency has received at least 1,800 unaccompanied children delivered by Dominican immigration authorities into Haiti.

The spokesperson also said, Many arrive without identity documents and are “shipped” into the country amid adult deportees.

In an attempt to lower its Haitian population they continue to deport children and individuals from DR to Haiti.

Things are so concerning, that the US Embassy in the Dominican republic even issued a statement. They warned Black and “darker-skinned Americans” that they risk “increased interaction” with Dominican authorities amid the immigration crackdown. Also, the embassy described “reports of the unequal treatment” of US citizens based on skin color.

An absolute shame. As people of color we all come from the same tree and must realize that to start working together. We have too much similarities and obstacles to be separated and to look at each other as enemies.

my wife is Haitian and I had the pleasure of visiting the very rich and amazing beautiful island. And i’m so glad that I did and was not left to learn about this country through the words of media.


Also being from the Caribbean, I am very proud that my kids now share Jamaican and Haitian heritage.  A heritage that they can be proud of.

Prayers for the people of Haiti and all of us.