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After an investigation reveal inconsistencies in the operation of Baltimore speed cameras, city officials have now admitted finding errors as well.  All of the city’s 83  automated speed cameras will be replaced by newer more effective camera systems.

Replacing the old speed camera system will cost 450,000, approximately $5,500 per camera. The next question is will it be at the cost of Baltimore taxpayers

Baltimore’s state legislative delegation, Curt S. Anderson, feels this way about it:

“If there is not a great degree of confidence in the cameras, then yes, make the change, I know how government works. Nobody wants to say the taxpayers are paying for it. They’ll say the money is coming out of future revenues from the program.”

By the way there has not been no official response from City officials on who pays for the financing of the upgraded traffic/speed cams.

The automated speed camera program questioned. Bad seep cams have caused erroneous tickets, fines and court time. Nevertheless,those monies collected have contributed to the city’s revenue. But yet there is no mention of reimbursement of erroneous tickets paid nor correcting issues that cost city drivers.

The use of speed cameras generated $19 million,  and probably even more with an upgrade.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts  felt that, rushed review of speed camera tickets has produced unacceptable mistakes.

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