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It appears that U.S. Politicians are gambling with public safety of all Americans, simply by not employing tougher laws for legal gun use. In a major decision today a compromise of extending background checks on firearm sales and purchases was defeated by the Senate.

President Obama blames gun lobbyists, and it’s allies as the cause of the legislation failing in the Senate. In viewing earlier conversation from conservative Republicans, democrats in pro gun states with strong opposition from the National Rifle Association this too was a direct link to blocking a new stricter gun legislation and what I call AMERICA’S war on AMERICANS especially our children.

Not surprising but still alarming that in wake of shocking, senseless school death toll at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the murder of  Travon Martin and others like him, oh let’s not forget college campus violence that this bill could and would deter criminal minded individuals from acts of murder or mass murder …. REJECTED REALLY PEOPLE!

It pisses me off that an amendment requiring 60 votes to pass with support of the GOP senators to help the safety of American citizens fail to reach a positive landmark agreement.

“The final vote was 54 in favor to 46 opposed with two Republicans joining most Democrats in supporting the compromise”.